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Submitted on
July 25, 2005
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It's good times,
Just to know you that you are mine.
It's good times,
Just to know I'm at the end of your rhyme.
It's good times,
That my anxious heart is a part of your design.
It's good times,
Just to know that I am enough;
It's good stuff.

It's good times,
When you make me smile wide without trying.
It's good times,
To taste the salt on your neck when I'm crying.
It's good times,
That you hold my hand when my happiness is dying.
It's good times,
When I know we'll get to play a little rough;
It's good stuff.

Nobody else,
Will ever succeed,
In giving me everything that I need.
Always believe,
And know that it's true,
Forever, I'm gonna be next to you.

It's good times,
When I rest my head on your thigh.
It's good times,
When you plant a wet kiss on my behind.
It's good times,
When I wake you up with a finger down your spine.
It's good times,
Just to know that we are in love;
It's good stuff.
Just to make it clear. I love :heart:Jeff Thomas!:heart:
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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DelinquentsShrine May 20, 2006  Professional Photographer
now i feel all alone... and hated **sigh** its awsome-tastic tho!!! i like the rhyme pattern
LemBlack Oct 6, 2005   Traditional Artist
One thing is clear ...You love Jeff it's a fact !!! I don't know you but you two seems so ... happy together. It's cool !

Just continues to have *Good times*:)
:clap: :blackrose: Congrats on winning the "Wonder Works" Award by teh Patukum. What will you do now? :D
I dont normally read poetry because i never find any that interest me, but you've captivated me, so much that i'm ditching my science report for your gallery. I really felt something in *points to chest* in there when i read this. You're an amaing poet! :+fav:
Mooseh Sep 18, 2005  Professional Photographer
" Just to know that we are in love;
It's good stuff. "

It's so true. So perfect.
God you are phenominal with the words of a true poet!!! You and Azuzephre have talent and are truly perfect for eachother!! You are each others happiness. And your words strike beauty to my heart.

:clap: :clap: :clap:
gawd, you two are just so cute together.... me ish so jealous >< lol, I wish I could write.... lucky, lol I can't draw that well either.... I don't even know what I'm doing on DA T_T, but yeah, luv you're poetry (and I haven't even read all of it yet!) I'll be watching you XD *adds to friends list* ^^

Oinari Aug 14, 2005  Student
OMG your poetry gets better and better, almost everything, if not everything, you write for Jeff is so tender and loving *ish envious*.
That is amazing! I love your poem. Nice structure.
This is a really cute, uplifting poem. Such a "happy" way to look at love. :love:
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